Quality: materials, technology and craftsmanship

The quality of a job is dictated by a few basic cornerstones: the materials used, the skills of the workers' hands, and the best technologies. Nothing must be left to chance. Years of experience now allow us to work with the best suppliers to be able to guarantee the best fabrics on the market, luxury fabrics and technical fabrics. The ability to combine state-of-the-art technologies and the craftsmanship of the artisan, learned and honed over more than 20 years of experience, allows us to perform residential and nautical upholstery work guaranteeing unique results of the highest workmanship and quality.

Fabrics and leathers

We use the best manufacturers in the world to offer the highest quality, both in technical terms for each specific type of solution and in terms of raw materials. A focus on made in Italy and green productions, because for us quality is a 360-degree concept.


The study of upholstery solutions leads us to be able to provide both technical solutions for specific needs, such as upholstery for outdoor use and subject to environmental wear and tear conditions, but also to be able to meet individual customer needs in terms of comfort and use.


We provide all our technical knowledge to design and implement the best solutions that can serve the client. The knowledge of materials and high expertise, allow the design of specific solutions designed for technical and stylistic needs.


The skilled hands of artisans today are confronted with technological developments that can offer technical solutions and workmanship of the highest level and value. The combination of craftsmanship and high technology today enables us to create unique solutions of the highest value.

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