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Aesthetics and Philology of Design: the great Gigi Radice’s armchair lives a second life through the restyling by La seconda pelle delle cose.


Master touches and artful quotes: multiple languages meet to spread the horizon of designers masterworks.


Care and enhancement of detail: the application of exclusive artisan techniques overcomes the banality of passing time.

La Nobile

La Nobile armchair: characterized by its geometric shape, underlined by the fabric used for the upholstery […]

Awnings and Canvas

Technique, technology and advanced design coexist thanks to the high specialization Il tappezziere -La seconda pelle delle cose.


A second skin, a double soul: when beauty is born again, design’s got its shape.


The physical and conceptual exploration of unexpected material solutions as a free interpretation of upholstery craftsmanship.


Trait d’union between masters such as Milo Manara and Giò Ponti, looking for a new design concept.