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The nautical and luxury boats market needs professionalism and excellent guaranted results.
The expert use of highly technical materials, such as water-repellent and stain-resistant microfibers, is a must to be promptly combined with aesthetic refinement.

Il Tappezziere - La seconda pelle delle cose creates water-resistant closed cell padding, covered in sponge and customizable with the name or to the style that make the boat unique. Cushions and other details are coordinated to the textile elements of the interior furnishings, in every smallest detail.

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Over the years, the refitting, even in a radical way with a total restyling, of some of the most prestigious luxury boats, represented a great result for Il Tappezziere - La seconda pelle delle cose.

M/Y PRIDE (45m) - Model: Viudes 45

M/Y SOKAR (64m) Captain: Gino Battaglia

M/Y LADY LOLA (63m) Captain: Gino Battaglia

M/Y TALES (53m)