The mission of La seconda pelle delle cose is to share our knowledge, in harmony with the needs of the client: our ability comes out from this affinity; we anticipate their needs visualizing an aesthetic solution, in response to an unconscious desire. By our side, we have the knowledge of styles and materials and we can rely on strong skills in the fields of interior design and renovation.

We constantly feed our creative curiosity, this leading us over the years to the best knowledge of materials we use. Always innovative, never granted, characterized by a personality that aims to be flexible and balanced with the same strong personality of those who rely on us.

We are interested in originality and we love to surprise our customers with projects that are not identifiable by browsing interior architecture sites or by browsing catalogs of pre-packaged materials. For us, this represents a “conditio sine qua non” for a relationship of trust with customers and partners and for their loyalty.

We offer always avant-garde and tailor-made turnkey solutions. We can also help customers to become aware of their projects not yet elaborated, choosing together shapes, materials and solutions, being present in every phase of processing, up to the final result.

Our work covers a wide range of application fields. From the finishes of the rooms with innovative carpets (often water resistant, thanks to our experience in the nautical field), to the wallpapers, truly surprising both for their textures signed by great artists, and for the hand-finished customization.

A remarkable added value, where collaborations with workers and creative laboratories allow us to achieve the highest and most detailed customization.

An example? Hand painting and highlighting a theme tailored to the client starting from a high quality aesthetic base.

Our craftsmanship also affects fabrics: a long research has led us to select suppliers of current and vintage fabrics, never banal and always perfectly declinable on curtains or on period or modern antiques chairs, to be revisited, as well as on upholstered furniture designed for hoc.

The experience gained in Marine Luxury allows us to identify all those materials that make a home unique with competence and good taste. From custom shaped mattresses, to bed or bathroom linens, personalized with embroidered figures or symbols of the client.

Fields of application, these, always enriched with our passion for restoration: both conservative and total renovation of furniture, seating and furnishing accessories.

Being accompanied in our world, letting yourself be conquered by our unique armchairs, but in many cases achievable with other finishes, suitable for the most diverse needs, is an essential experience for those looking for customizable environments or furnishing accessories, pure representations of the their taste and their way of life.

We offer you a journey into the universe of La seconda pelle delle cose, starting with the “Marbled Collection”, our creation, still in progress, more exclusive, capable of mixing different materials, such as fabrics, wood and the unexpected and precious marble. A creative and light whole, capable of redesigning a room or a corner of the house.

Maybe, the intimate and warm one.